CARBO-KOKS Sp z o.o.

41-905 Bytom, Konstytucji 61

Tel./faks: +32 788 4777

CARBO-KOKS Ltd. is a producer of foundry, blast furnace and industrial-heating coke. We carry out our operations on a 45-cell coke oven with a production capacity of up to 200,000 tonnes per year.

Coke production on our installation has been carried out for several decades. The continuous human resources policy has made our crew mostly specialists with many years of experience, we are also gradually supplementing the staff with young employees, with high qualifications and innovative approach to the duties entrusted.

In the Polish coke industry, we are a unique company. The set of three capital conditions presented below does not occur in any other Polish coking plant:

  • we are a company with 100 % Polish capital
  • we are 100% a private enterprise
  • 100% of shares are in the hands of natural persons

The qualities of this state of affairs are obvious. It allows to:

  • flexible adjustment of the manufactured assortment to market needs, taking into account the specific requirements of even small customers
  • short cycle of agreements regarding technical and commercial conditions for coke acceptances and the possibility of immediate realization of the order
  • the possibility of individual negotiations of the reception conditions (including the purchase price)
  • elimination of high fixed costs of maintaining the institutional superstructure, which makes it possible to calculate the price at a level lower than the competition
  • implementation of a flexible development strategy in the light of the changing conditions of the external environment (market trends, care for the natural environment, etc.)

We have the possibility of delivering shipments both by rail and by car. In the latter case, we provide our own transport at the recipient's request. We sell to both domestic and export customers.

Our offer includes a wide range of coke, we also sell carbon-based products (gas tar). We can also offer services in the field of transhipment of bulk goods from wagons to cars and vice versa. Each time it is possible to negotiate prices individually. We use attractive price discounts and extended payment terms for large and verified recipients. Please contact us if you want to know more details of our offer or you are interested in another type of cooperation with our company.

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